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Project overview

The main goals of the SOLIS project are to understand:

  • organic chemistry in space,
  • how chemistry evolves during the formation of Solar-type systems.

NOEMA observations of a set of crucial COMS towards a sample of well-known sources is actually performed to achieve this complementary objectives.

Those observations will allow us i) to image where the COMS are emitting from, ii) to derive their abundance and, iii) to know how they are influenced by their environment.
These findings will likely give us strong clues on the formation and destruction pathways of COMS in Solar System type planetary systems.

List of the SOLIS team members

PI(s): Cecilia Ceccarelli (IPAG, France) & Paola Caselli (MPE, Germany) Co-Is: Ali Al-Edhari-Jaber (IPAG, France) Felipe Alves (MPE, Germany) Rafael Bachiller (OAN, IGN, Spain) Nadia Balucani (UNIPG, Italy) Eleonora Bianchi (Arcetri, Italy) Luca Bizzocchi (MPE, Germany) Sandrine Bottinelli (IRAP, France) Emmanuel Caux (IRAP, France) Ana Chacón-Tanarro (MPE, Germany) Rumpa Choudhury (...)

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Team structure

The SOLIS project involves an international team composed of specialists in astrophysical observations, modeling, laboratory experiments and theoretical chemistry calculations. The project is structured as follows: PIs: C. Ceccarelli & P. Caselli Steering Committee: C. Codella, S. Feng, F. Fontani, I. Jimenez-Serra, B. Lefloch, J. Pineda, C. Vastel and S. Viti Observational Group: (...)

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