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Team structure

4 March 2014 ( maj : 8 March 2018 ), by Administrateur

The SOLIS project involves an international team composed of specialists in astrophysical observations, modeling, laboratory experiments and theoretical chemistry calculations.

The project is structured as follows:

  • PIs: C. Ceccarelli & P. Caselli
  • Steering Committee: C. Codella, F. Fontani, I. Jimenez-Serra, B. Lefloch, A. Lopez-Sepulcre, J. Pineda, C. Vastel and S. Viti
  • Observational Group: This group is subdivided into 7 subgroups (one per source) that are coordinated by 2 leaders.
SourcesGroup Leaders
L1544 C. Vastel & I. Jimenez-Serra
L1521F P. Caselli & C. Vastel
IRAS 4A J. Pineda & A. Lopez-Sepulcre
Cep E B. Lefloch & J. Pineda
SVS 13A C. Codella & C. Ceccarelli
OMC2-FIR4 C. Ceccarelli & F. Fontani
L1157 B1 C. Codella & B.Lefloch
  • Complimentary Expertise: This group, which is coordinated by S. Viti, focuses on
Astrochemical ModelingLaboratoryTheoretical Chemistry

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